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Money Minute - Thursday 9th June 2022

CONTESTANT: Barry Ashcroft, Denny 

  1. On her 2011 album, Adele - was rolling in the… what?
    A: Deep
  2. Which car manufacturer makes the ‘Sorento’ & ‘Picanto’ models?
    A: Kia
  3. Early to bed, early to rise, keeps you healthy, wealthy and…. What?
    A: Wise
  4. Harry Styles will perform at which Scottish stadium on Saturday?
    A: Ibrox
  5. Which ‘b’ provides power in portable devices?
    A: Battery
  6. In which US sitcom would you meet ‘Barney Stinson’ ?
    A: How I Met Your Mother
  7. The ‘cornea’ is located in which part of the body?
    A: Eye
  8. Who played Del Boy Trotter in Only Fools & Horses?
    A: David Jason
  9. Which local harbour features the Grange Dock, Carron Dock and Eastern Channel?
    A: Grangemouth
  10. What state is Las Vegas in?
    A: Nevada

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