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Money Minute - Tuesday 21st June

CONTESTANT: Kevin Love, Grangemouth

  1. What type of sauce is also a Latin dance?
    A: Salsa
  2. What is the name of Bon Jovi’s lead singer?
    A: Jon
  3. In which part of the body would you find your tibia?
    A: Leg
  4. In someone’s name, what do the letters ‘JR’ represent?
    A: Junior
  5. Which superhero stayed at Wayne Manor?
    A: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
  6. Which Harry Potter character did Robbie Coltrane play?
    A: Hagrid
  7. Malt Whisky is normally made from which grain?
    A: Barley
  8. What came first: Stirling Castle or The Wallace Monument?
    A: Stirling Castle (12th century) vs (150 years ago)
  9. On which continent is the Atacama Desert?
    A: South America (Chile / Peru)
  10. George Best played the majority of his career at which football team?
    A: Manchester United

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