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Money Minute Tuesday 26th April 2022

Daniel Aird from Cumbernauld scored 8 out of 10 this morning on the Money Minute!

 1. Which colour medal do you get for 2nd place at the Olympics? A: Silver 

2. What type of pepper is normally eaten with nachos? A: Jalapeño 

3. What letter of the alphabet comes between ‘O’ and ‘Q’ ? A: P 

4. What’s 9 multiplied by 8? A: 72 

5. Who played Professor Snape in Harry Potter? A: Alan Rickman 

6. In which Forth Valley town would you find ‘The Hippodrome’ cinema ? A: Bo’ness 

7. The Revolution were the backing band of which singer? A: Prince 

8. What does the Latin phrase ‘Carpe Diem’ mean? A: Seize the Day 

9. In music, which ‘p’ is another word for a ‘pick’ A: Plectrum 

10. Name any men’s UEFA Champions League semi finalists? A: Man City / Liverpool / Real Madrid / Villarreal



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