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Money Minute - Thursday 28th July 2022

CONTESTANT: Evelyn Baginski, Falkirk

  1. How many players are in the starting line-up of a professional football match?
    A: 11 (or 22 for 2 x teams)

  2. Which month of the year is always shortest?
    A: February

  3. Which company created the PlayStation games console?
    A: Sony

  4. How many Scottish athletes will take part in this summer’s Commonwealth Games – 61 or 261?
    A: 261 (20 students taking part from Stirling Uni alone!)

  5. What’s the official language of Columbia?
    A: Spanish

  6. What kind of ‘flush’ is the best hand in poker?
    A: Royal

  7. Which animal is linked to the word ‘porcine’ ? (pron: “pour-sine”)
    A: Pig

  8. Who was lead singer of 80s band ‘Yazoo’ ?
    A: Alison Moyet

  9. Which boy’s name is also the capital of the Falkland Islands?
    A: Stanley

  10. ‘Control’ and ‘P’ is a computer shortcut to do what?
    A: Print

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