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Money Minute Tuesday 29th March 2022

Today's contestant was Gordon McGlone who scored 6 out of 10!

  1. In which school subject would you normally learn about weather systems? A: Geography
  2. In which kids TV show would you bump into Suzy Sheep? A: Peppa Pig
  3. If socks are ‘two for a pound’ how many could you buy with 10 pounds? A: 20
  4. What would you be drinking if you had a glass of Pinot Noir? A: Wine / Red Wine
  5. Who had 90s hits ‘Around the World’, ‘If You Ever’ and ‘Thunder’ ? A: East 17
  6. Scotland’s men play in Austria tonight, but what’s the capital city? A: Vienna
  7. Scottish Oils was the founding company of which local refinery? A: Grangemouth
  8. In business, how often does an ‘AGM’ take place? A: Yearly
  9. Name any letter on the top line of a QWERTY keyboard: Q W E R T Y U I O P
  10. In which US state did Rosa Parks famously not give up her bus seat? A: Alabama

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