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Money Minute Wednesday 16th March 2022

Today's contestant was Gary Lacki from Falkirk who scored 5 out of 10!


Here is today's questions!


  1. ‘Bikini Bottom’ is the setting for which underwater kids programme? A: Spongebob Squarepants
  2. ‘Fly half’ and ‘flanker’ are positions played in which sport? A: Rugby
  3. Which mountain range forms a natural border between France & Spain? A: The Pyrenees
  4. In Grangemouth, do postcodes start FK1, FK3 or FK5? A: FK3
  5. What type of clothing is a ‘glengarry’ ? A: Hat / cap
  6. Which country was Arnold Schwarzenegger born in? A: Austria
  7. Who had a 2015 ‘50 shades’ hit with ‘Love Me Like You Do’ ? A: Ellie Goulding
  8. The Happy Mondays are a band from which UK city? A: Manchester
  9. Who was the US President before Donald Trump? A: Barack Obama
  10. Which ‘R’ is the word to describe cold-blooded vertebrates? A: Reptiles


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