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Money Minute Wednesday 20th April 2022

 Lorna Jarvie scored 5 out of 10 this morning on the Money Minute!

1. In the nursery rhyme, how many blind mice were there? 

A: Three 

2. Which flowers are commonly associated with the city of Amsterdam?   A: Tulips 

3. Blood, Clementine and Mandarin are types of what fruit? 

A: Orange 

4. Beatrix Potter wrote about which fictional rabbit? 

A: Peter Rabbit 

5. If you have two dozen eggs, how many do you have? 

A: 24 

6. Which football team is currently top of the English Premier League? A: Liverpool 

7. Which ‘D’ is a wild Australian dog? A: Dingo 

8. What type of leaf features on a Canadian flag? 

A: Maple 

9. Which happened first: The Battle of Falkirk or The Battle of Bannockburn? A: The Battle of Falkirk

10. Which US sitcom follows the life of the ‘Bluth’ family ? 

A: Arrested Development


Do you have what it takes to beat the money minute? Click the link below to register for your chance to play!



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