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Money Minute - Wednesday 27th July 2022

CONTESTANT: Richard Grey scored 5!

  1. What’s the standard colour of a UK post box?
    A: Red

  2. Who played ‘Officer Jack’ in the film Speed?
    A: Keanu Reeves

  3. Which League 2 football team are nicknamed ‘The Warriors’ ?
    A: Stenhousemuir

  4. Pecorino and Parmesan are types of Italian what?
    A: Cheese

  5. What’s the capital of Finland?
    A: Helsinki

  6. Which ‘Mont’ is the highest point in Europe?
    A: Mont Blanc (Alps)

  7. The TV series Downtown Abbey is supposed to be set in which northern English county?
    A: Yorkshire

  8. Which Scottish national park is the largest in Britain?
    A: Cairngorms

  9. Which London visitor attraction is a big wheel that spans 135 metres?
    A: London Eye

  10. Strike – had a 90s dance hit with “U Sure….” WHAT?
    A: Do

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