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Money Minute Wednesday 6th April 2022

Today's contestant was Aimee Reynolds from Stirling who scored 4 out of 10!

  1. Which dog was friends with Shaggy Rogers? A: Scooby Doo
  2. Duo Ant & Dec are originally from which city? A: Newcastle
  3. Which English football team plays at ‘The Etihad’ ? A: Manchester City
  4. The Scottish word ‘drookit’ means what? A: Wet / drenched / soaked
  5. Which Northern English bank ceased operations in October 2012? A: Northern Rock
  6. In which country would you find the resort of Icmeler? A: Turkey
  7. In UK Monopoly, what colour is Trafalgar Square? A: Red
  8. Which John Travolta movie was soundtracked by the Bee Gees? A: Saturday Night Fever
  9. Which English king married six times? A: Henry the Eighth
  10. If you drive a 51 plate car, when was it first registered? A: 2001

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