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Money Minute - Wednesday 21st September 2022

CONTESTANT: Ben King from Alloa scored 6!

  1. In the human body, the Cranium protects which organ?
    A: The Brain

  2. Which London airport has the code LGW?
    A: Gatwick

  3. When’s the next leap year?
    A: 2024

  4. What’s 20% of 200?
    A: 40

  5. In IT, what does the ‘R’ in RAM stand for?
    A: Random (Access Memory)

  6. Who enjoyed worldwide success with her 90s album “Jagged Little Pill” ?
    A: Alanis Morissette

  7. Which competition do Scotland’s men’s football team play in tonight?
    A: Nations League

  8. Who is the current MP for Stirling?
    A: Alyn Smith

  9. In which country would you find the cities of Uppsala and Gothenburg?
    A: Sweden

  10. Which sport is the subject of the film Happy Gilmore?
    A: Golf


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