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Money Minute - Monday 6th June 2022

Stacey Kennedy from Dunipace played the Money Minute!

  1. According to the saying, how many lives does a cat have?
    A: Nine
  2. Which fast food chain is known for its ‘Golden Arches’ ?
    A: McDonalds
  3. If it’s 10 past 8 now, what time will it be in 3 hours?
    A: 10 past 11
  4. Which ‘royal’ singer turned the rain purple?
    A: Prince
  5. ‘Red Kites’ and ‘Hawks’ are birds of … what?
    A: Prey
  6. In which country would you find the NASDAQ stock exchange?
    A: USA
  7. Who painted the famous ‘Sunflowers’ artwork?
    A: Van Gogh
  8. Which number can be expressed as the Roman Numeral, ‘X’ ?
    A: 10
  9. The magazine title NME stands for New Musical… what?
    A: Express
  10. To the nearest thousand, what is Falkirk Stadium’s capacity?
    Is it 4, 6 or 8 thousand? 
    A: 8 thousand

Do you have what it takes to beat the money minute? Click the link below to register for your chance to play!



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