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Money Minute - Friday 10th June (Duplicate)

CONTESTANT: Carrie Drummond, Fankerton

  1. How many years are in a millennium?
    A: 1000
  2. In which forest does Robin Hood & his merry men live?
    A: Sherwood
  3. Name any of the four named oceans in the world….
    A: Atlantic / Arctic / Indian / Pacific
  4. What kind of nut would you find in a yellow packet of M&Ms?
    A: Peanut
  5. How many degrees are in a right angled triangle?
    A: 90
  6. The Philadelphia Eagles play which sport?
    A: NFL / American Football
  7. Andy Murray is currently playing in the Stuttgart Open - in which country?
    A: Germany
  8. In the phonetic alphabet, how would you say the letter ‘R’
    A: Romeo
  9. Where in Scotland is known as ‘The Granite City’ ?
    A: Aberdeen
  10. Who was the oldest member of One Direction?
    A: Louis (Tomlinson) - Harry was the youngest

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