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Money Minute Friday 1st April 2022

Today's contestant was Bobby Kerr from Falkirk who scored 8 out of 10!

  1. What’s tomorrow’s date? A: 2nd April
  2. On your phone, what is ‘APP’ short for? A: Application
  3. Which car manufacturer makes the ‘Fabia’ and ‘Octavia’ ? A: Skoda
  4. Which island does the Scottish whisky ‘Laphroaig’ come from? A: Islay
  5. How many millilitres are in a quarter gill? A: 35
  6. Which ‘brothers’ achieved a hit with ‘What A Fool Believes’ ? A: Doobie Brothers
  7. In wildlife, what is a ‘Painted Lady’? A: Butterfly
  8. Where would you expect to see ‘The Swiss Guard’? A: The Vatican
  9. Which boxer was also nicknamed the ‘Louisville Lip’? A: Muhammad Ali
  10. St Ives is a town in which English county? A: Cornwall

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