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Money Minute Friday 8th April 2022

Today's contestant was Anne McLachlan from Falkirk who scored 8 out of 10!

  1. Who is Peter Pan’s pirate enemy? A: Hook
  2. Eagles and buzzards are known as birds ofwhat? A: Prey
  3. In which summer month does the Bridge of Allan Highland Games normally take place? A: August
  4. The phrase ‘For example’ can be represented by which two letters? A: eg
  5. In which country will you find the Great Sphinx of Giza? A: Egypt
  6. Which band had a 1996 chart topping album with ‘Blue Is The Colour’ ? A: Beautiful South
  7. Which nationality is car maker BMW? A: German
  8. What’s the highest score possible in one break of snooker? A: 147
  9. Which South American country produces the world’s most coffee? A: Brazil
  10. What type of ‘stream’ is most associated with our weather systems? A: Jetstream

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