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Money Minute - Friday 13th May 2022

Cath Green from Clacks was just one answer away from the cash! 

  1. How many giant Kelpies are at the Helix?
    A: Two

  2. What ‘S’ is a device used to join pieces of paper together?
    A: Staple/stapler

  3. Which shape is a ‘Give Way’ road sign?
    A: Triangle

  4. Cameron Diaz played the voice of which Shrek character?
    A: Princess Fiona

  5. ‘Button’ and ‘Chestnut’ are types of what?
    A: Mushrooms

  6. Who was the last UK winner of Eurovision?
    A: Katrina & The Waves (1997)

  7. What does the ‘T’ in BT stand for?
    A: Telecom

  8. Which ‘grove’ did PJ & Duncan hang around?
    A: Byker

  9. The movie ‘Avatar’ is set on which fictional planet?
    A: Pandora

  10. Cu is the chemical symbol for which metal?
    A: Copper


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