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Money Minute - Friday 20th May 2022

Susan King from Alloa tried to take the cash before the weekend:

  1. In Disney cartoons, what animal is Donald?
    A: Duck
  2. In the alphabet, are there more vowels or consonants?
    A: Consonants
  3. In Wizard of Oz, which organ is Scarecrow looking for?
    A: A Brain
  4. What’s 11 x 11?
    A: 121
  5. ‘Parklife’ was a hit for which Brit Pop group?
    A: Blur
  6. Which part of the body will you find a ‘metatarsal’ ?
    A: Foot
  7. Chemically, water contains Oxygen and which other element?
    A: Hydrogen (H 2 O)
  8. In which European city did Anne Frank write her famous diary?
    A: Amsterdam
  9. In wrestling, what does the ‘E’ in WWE stand for?
    A: Entertainment (World Wrestling Entertainment)
  10. Which former Scottish queen was born in Linlithgow Palace?
    A: Mary (Queen of Scots)

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