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Money Minute Good Friday 2022

Pamela McGechie from Falkirk took on our Good Friday set of questions! But was it a great one? 

  1. What do witches use to fly?
    A: Broom / broomstick

  2. Which ‘B’ is a name given to a house servant?
    A: Butler

  3. Chocolate is made from which plant?
    A: Cacao / Cocoa

  4. In which local town would you find Inchyra & Wholeflats roundabouts?
    A: Grangemouth

  5. If an Easter Egg in the supermarket costs £1.50, how much does 5 cost?
    A: £7.50

  6. For temperature, what does the letter ‘F’ stand for?
    A: Fahrenheit

  7. Outkast had a 2004 hit about which flowers?
    A: Roses

  8. A P45 is usually given out when you leave a what?
    A: Job

  9. What is the first Harry Potter book called?
    A: (Harry Potter and…) The Philosopher’s Stone
  10. Ankara is the capital of which country?
    A: Turkey

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