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Money Minute - Monday 18th July 2022

CONTESTANT: Mhairi Hodge, Alva scored 5!

  1. Albert Square is the setting for which soap?
    A: EastEnders

  2. Which hair product brand use the slogan ‘Because You’re Worth It’ ?
    A: L’Oreal

  3. Which family confectionary company were once based in Stenhousemuir?
    A: McCowan’s

  4. In which sport would you perform a ‘suplex’ ?
    A: Wrestling

  5. Which English comedian played ‘Blackadder’ ?
    A: Rowan Atkinson

  6. In total, how many Golden Tickets did Willy Wonka hide?
    A: 5

  7. Which UK band had a hit with ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ in 2004?
    A: Keane

  8. What does a ‘bibliophile’ collect?
    A: Books

  9. Barlinnie is a prison in which Scottish city?
    A: Glasgow

  10. Ammonia is formed from Hydrogen and which other element?
    A: Nitrogen

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