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Money Minute - Monday 5th September 2022

CONTESTANT: Steven Ward from Denny scored 7!

  1. According to the saying: actions speak louder than what?
    A: Words

  2. Are there more letters in the words Larbert or Laurieston?
    A: Laurieston

  3. Which car maker produces the ‘Mokka’ SUV?
    A: Vauxhall

  4. Which member of Westlife was Kerry Katona married to?
    A: Bryan (McFadden)

  5. Which Sci-Fi series has a dog called K-9?
    A: Doctor Who

  6. What was the currency in Italy before the Euro was introduced?
    A: Lira

  7. In 1993, who would do anything for love… but wouldn’t do that?
    A: Meat Loaf

  8. How many goals were scored in yesterday’s Man U vs. Arsenal match?
    A: 4 (3-1)

  9. In which country is there a racetrack called the ‘Suzuka Circuit’
    A: Japan (one of this season’s Formula 1 venues)

  10. Who is the current Secretary of State for Scotland?
    A: Alister Jack


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