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Money Minute - Monday 15th August 2022

CONTESTANT: Jamie Crorken, Denny

Q1 Which Italian city is known as The Eternal City? 

ANS Rome 

Q2 Which nursery rhyme ends with the line ‘What a good boy am I’? 

ANS Little Jack Horner 

Q3 Which country had the Escudo as it's currency before the Euro? 

ANS Portugal 

Q4 In German this musical instrument is called a Dudelsack, but what is it called in English? 

ANS Bagpipes 

Q5 Rabat is the capital of which African country? 

ANS Morocco 

Q6 Which 'D' i the area outside a ship which can be walked on? 

ANS Deck 

Q7 Which biblical character was known for his amazing strength that he derived from his uncut hair? 

ANS Samson 

Q8 What was/is the surname of brothers Grant and Phil in the TV soap opera Eastenders? 

ANS Mitchell (Phil is still in the show and Grant pops back occasionally) 

Q9 For which chocolate bar did the ‘Red Car and the Blue Car’ have a race?  

ANS Milkyway 

Q10 Who discovered penicillin? 

ANS Alexander Fleming (Scottish physician and microbiologist, best known for discovering the world's first broadly effective antibiotic substance, which he named penicillin.) 

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