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Money Minute - Monday 23rd May 2022

Rachel Short from Falkirk took on the questions:

  1. What type of animal was King Kong?
    A: Gorilla
  2. Which social media app features a bird in its logo?
    A: Twitter (tweet tweet!)
  3. What’s 10 out of 10 as a percentage?
    A: 100%
  4. Who had a 1997 hit with ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony?’
  5. Max Verstappen drives for which Formula 1 team?
    A: Red Bull
  6. Which fish is used in the dish ‘Eggs Royale’?
    A: Salmon
  7. Which vehicle is also the name of a castle in Plean?
    A: Plane
  8. Which ‘Dom’ was the star of Trigger Happy TV?
    A: Dom Joly
  9. In computer games, what type of character is Spyro?
    A: Dragon
  10. Which planet is known as ‘third rock from the sun’ ?
    A: Earth

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