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Money Minute - Monday 30th May 2022

Vicky Barnes from Cumbernauld was just a couple short of the cash!

  1. Which is bigger: a 2 litre bottle or a 2 pint bottle?
    A: 2 litre
  2. In the film of the same name, what type of animal is ‘Babe’ ?
    A: Pig
  3. How many sides does an Octagon have?
    A: 8
  4. What size is one larger than A4 size paper?
    A: A3
  5. What came first: The Kincardine Bridge or Clackmannanshire Bridge?
    A: Kincardine
  6. A ‘pescatarian’ only eats what meat?
    A: Fish
  7. What nationality is singer Michael Buble?
    A: Canadian
  8. A P60 form shows how much WHAT you’ve paid?
    A: Tax
  9. ‘O’ is the chemical symbol for which element?
    A: Oxygen
  10. Which winter sport is Eve Muirhead associated with?
    A: Curling

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