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Money Minute - Thursday 25th August 2022

CONTESTANT: Gillian Hunter, Grangemouth scored 6

  1. What’s a quarter as a percentage?
    A: 25%

  2. How many hours is mainland Spain ahead of the UK?
    A: One

  3. Apples & Pears is cockney rhyming slang for what?
    A: Stairs

  4. By road, which airport is closest to Stirling: Glasgow or Edinburgh?
    A: Edinburgh

  5. Ruth Jones played which Gavin & Stacey character?
    A: Vanessa “Shanessa” / Ness / Nessa

  6. Which 80s hairstyle was short on the top and long at the back?
    A: Mullet

  7. ‘Brothers in Arms’ is a best-selling album by which band?
    A: Dire Straits

  8. ‘Or’ is the French word for which precious metal?
    A: Gold

  9. Mountain, tree and chair are all poses during which exercise?
    A: Yoga

  10. Today’s UEFA Champions League draw will take place in which country?
    A: Turkey (Istanbul, host of the 2023 Final)

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