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Money Minute - Thursday 11th August 2022

Barry from Denny was on today, who unfortunately only got to manager 1/7


  1. In which country would you find Copacabana Beach?
    A: Brazil (The fictional Copacabana Club was made famous by Barry Manilow)
  2. Which company is Jeff Bezos the Executive Chairman of?
    A: Amazon
  3. Which actress played Monica Geller in Friends?
    A: Courteney Cox
  4. Where are the headquarters of NATO?
    A: Brussels, Belgium
  5. What is the name of Harry Potter’s pet owl?
    A: Hedwig
  6. Which star sign are you if you are born on the 1st of August?
    A: Leo (July 21 - August 23)
  7. Would you weigh lighter, the same, or more at the equator than you would at the poles?
    A: Lighter (centrifugal force due to the spinning of the Earth is at its maximum at the equator hence making gravity less. The difference is small. Note that your body itself does not change. Rather it is the force of gravity and other forces that change as you approach the poles. These forces change right back when you return to your original latitude)

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