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Money Minute Thursday 3rd February 2022

Today's contestant was Gillian Low from Tullibody who scored 2 out of 10!

Here is today's questions!

  1. Malt and balsamic are types of what? A: Vinegar
  2. Who is the patron Saint of Scotland? A: Saint Andrew
  3. Which star sign is represented by a set of scales? A: Libra
  4. Which city would you be calling if you started dialling 0151A: Liverpool
  5. 'He' is the chemical symbol for which element? A: Helium
  6. By population, what is Canada’s biggest city? A: Toronto
  7. In snooker, what’s another name for the white ball? A: Cue ball
  8. By road, is Grangemouth closer to Stirling or Edinburgh? A: Stirling
  9. In blackjack, an Ace and a Jack is worth what? A: 21 or 11
  10. Which 1987 movie followed the adventures of Gordie, Chris, Teddy & Vern? A: Stand By Me

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