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Money Minute Thursday 3rd March 2022

Today's contestant was Catherine McKay from Dunblane who scored 2 out of 10!


Here is today's questions!

1. Which two colours would you normally associate with a chess board? A: Black & White 

2. Which has a higher population: Dunblane or Dunipace? A: Dunblane 

3. In blackjack, going over which number would make you ‘bust’ ? A: 21 

4. Which comic hero was the alter-ego of Eric Wimp? A: Bananaman 

5. Who directed the Lord of the Rings movies? A: Peter Jackson 

6. Which wiffy gas has the chemical compound CH4? A: Methane 

7. Which is the largest of the Greek islands? A: Crete 

8. How many strings does a cello have? A: Four 

9. How long is an Olympic-sized swimming pool? A: 50m 

10. Which TV show was set in Seattle Grace Hospital? A: Grey’s Anatomy


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