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Money Minute Thursday 7th April 2022

Today's contestant was Calum Mitchell from Stirling who scored 6 out of 10!

  1. What type of animal is Bambi? A: Deer
  2. What’s another name for your mother’s mum? A: Gran / Grandmother / Grandma / Granny
  3. Who did David Schwimmer play in Friends? A: Ross
  4. The long jump is normally competed over which granular substance? A: Sand
  5. A copyright claim was dismissed by a judge for which Ed Sheeran song this week? A: Shape Of You
  6. The British Union Flag is made up of the crosses of St Andrew, St George and which other saint? A: St Patrick
  7. On a Windows computer, what’s the full name of the bin? A: Recycle Bin
  8. Which dressing is made up of egg yolk, oil and vinegar? A: Mayonnaise
  9. Until 1996, Falkirk, Stirling & Clacks were classed as which region? A: Central
  10. At which geographic pole will you find Polar Bears - north, or south? A: North

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