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Money Minute - Thursday 16th June 2022

CONTESTANT: John Owen, Stirling

  1. Gary Lineker is the face of which crisps brand?
    A: Walkers
  2. Which temperature is warmer: 20 degrees celcius or 20 degrees Fahrenheit?
    A: 20 degrees Celcius
  3. Which canal runs between Falkirk & Edinburgh?
    A: Union
  4. How many centimetres are in a metre?
    A: 100
  5. Florence Nightingale was nicknamed the ‘Lady with the…’ what?
    A: Lamp
  6. Name the two solar system planets that begin with ‘M’
    A: Mars & Mercury
  7. Camilla Cabello was part of which girl group?
    A: Fifth Harmony
  8. Juniper berries are normally used to make which spirit?
    A: Gin

John's time ran out on question 8!

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