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Money Minute - Thursday 19th May 2022

Ashley Moffat from Cowie played:

  1. A ‘tenner’ is slang for how many pounds?
    A: 10

  2. Whigfield had a hit about which night of the week?
    A: Saturday

  3. At which awards ceremony would you win a Golden Gramophone?
    A: Grammys

  4. On which fictional island would you find Father Dougal McGuire?
    A: Craggy Island

  5. What’s 100 divided by 20?
    A: 5

  6. The city of Bruges is in which country?
    A: Belgium

  7. In Harry Potter, name any Hogwarts house:
    A: Gryffindor / Hufflepuff / Ravenclaw / Slytherin

  8. What does ‘AC’ stand for on a calculator?
    A: ‘All Clear’

  9. In which seaside town could you visit The Pleasure Beach?
    A: Blackpool

  10.  The famous ‘yellow jersey’ is given out in which sport?
    A: Cycling

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