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Money Minute - Thursday 26th May 2022

James King from Alloa was almost the King of the Questions!

  1. In rock, paper, scissors, what is represented by a closed fist?
    A: Rock
  2. What’s a fifth of 100? 
    A: 20
  3. In Sesame Street, what does Oscar the Grouch live in?
    A: Trash Can / Rubbish Bin
  4. Which country does the island of Rhodes belong to?
    A: Greece
  5. Beyonce had a 2016 album named after which soft drink?
    A: Lemonade
  6. What’s the name of the new Top Gun movie that was released yesterday?
    A: Maverick
  7. Which alcoholic spirit would you put in a daiquiri?
    A: Rum
  8. Microsoft Outlook is a computer software that lets you send… what?
    A: Emails
  9. Was the Falkirk Wheel opened in the 90s or the Noughties?
    A: Noughties
  10. Foie Gras is made from the liver of which bird?  (pron: FWA GRA)
    A: Goose / Duck

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