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Money Minute - Tuesday 10th May 2022

Natasha Fraser from Grangemouth took time out of a hectic morning to take on the questions. Score: 3/9


  1. Earth is located in which Galaxy?
    A: The Milkyway


  2. What’s 28 minus 10?
    A: 18


  3. Which Friends actress also played ‘Gale’ in Scream?
    A: Courteney Cox


  4. The songs ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Oops I Did It Again’ appeared on who’s debut album?
    A: Britney Spears (‘Baby One More Time’, released 1999)


  5. The dish ‘Poutine’ normally contains chips, gravy and which other ingredient?
    A: Cheese / cheese curds


  6. Which car manufacturer made the ‘Nova’ until 1993?
    A: Vauxhall


  7. Which country’s rugby side are known as the ‘All Blacks’ ?
    A: New Zealand


  8. Which rock star’s real name is Paul David Hewson?
    A: Bono (U2) - 62 today!


  9. In which country is the sort of ‘Malia’ ?
    A: Greece (island of Crete)


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