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Money Minute Tuesday 12th April 2022

Today's contestant was Alan Caldwell from Stirling who scored 4 out of 8!

  1. “Forget-Me-Not’ flowers are which colour? A: Blue
  2. ‘Lurch’ is the name of the butler for which spooky family? A: Addams Family
  3. Which birds lay the largest eggs? A: Ostrich
  4. Where did Falkirk FC play before the Falkirk Stadium? A: Brockville
  5. Complete the name of George Ezra’s latest hit: “Anyone For.” WHAT? A: You
  6. Who was UK Prime Minister between Tony Blair & David Cameron? A: Gordon Brown
  7. What’s the name of the news programme for kids on CBBC? A: Newsround
  8. Which airport has the 3 letter code LGW? A: London Gatwick

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