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Money Minute - Tuesday 14th June 2022

CONTESTANT: Brian McGuire, Denny

  1. What’s the last letter of the alphabet?
    A: Z
  2. Sheeranville is the home of which musician?
    A: Ed Sheeran
  3. Which fruit would you find on a Hawaiian pizza?
    A: Pineapple
  4. In golf, where will this year’s Open Championship take place?
    A: St Andrews
  5. The beer ‘Stella Artois’ was first brewed in which country?
    A: Belgium
  6. James Earl Jones voices which Lion King character?
    A: Mufasa
  7. How many First Bus depots are in the Forth Valley - 1, 2 or 3?
    A: 2 - Larbert & Stirling
  8. Nick Clegg was the leader of which political party?
    A: Liberal Democrats / Lib Dems
  9. ‘A.U.’ is the chemical symbol for which precious metal?
    A: Gold
  10. How many contestants normally take part in “Come Dine With Me” ?
    A: 4


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