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Money Minute Tuesday 15th March 2022

Today's contestant was Kelly MacKenzie from Bannockburn who scored 8 out of 10!


Here is today's questions!


  1. Which letter is after ‘S’ in the alphabet? A: T
  2. Which ‘H’ is home of the Kelpies? A: Helix
  3. What number system uses only zeros and ones? A: Binary
  4. What kind of ‘Slide’ was made famous by DJ Casper? A: Cha Cha Slide
  5. Drambuie is a liqueur based on which spirit? A: Whisky
  6. Leo the Lion is the mascot for which Hollywood film studio? A: MGM
  7. Which car manufacturer makes the S60 and the XC60 models? A: Volvo
  8. In boxing, which weight category sits between ‘featherweight’ and ‘light welterweight?’ A: Lightweight
  9. Which Scottish football team plays at Tynecastle? A: Hearts
  10. Which unit of energy comes from the latin for ‘heat’? A: Calorie


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