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Money Minute - Tuesday 16th August 2022

CONTESTANT: Kelly MacRobbie, Falkirk

  1. Which is furthest north: Falkirk or Stirling?
    A: Stirling

  2. What’s half of 130?
    A: 65

  3. TLC had a 1994 hit about which natural water features?
    A: Waterfalls

  4. What’s the primary spirit in a Margarita?
    A: Tequila

  5. Which Scottish Prime Minister worked in the Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath constituency?
    A: Gordon Brown

  6. Who played the Queen in the 2006 film?
    A: Helen Mirren

  7. In electronics, what does the ‘L’ in ‘LED’ stand for?
    A: Light Emitting Diode

  8. Which famous ‘sign’ is situated on Mount Lee?
    A: “Hollywood”

  9. Which football team play at Stamford Bridge?
    A: Chelsea

  10. What’s the collective noun for grass?
    A: Tuft

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