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Money Minute Tuesday 19th April 2022

Helen Forsyth  from Grangemouth Scored 5/10 this morning!

1. In which colour of house does the US President live? 

A: White (House) 

2. In IT, what does ‘PC’ stand for? 

A: Personal Computer 

3. Name any fast food outlet that featured in the noughties ‘Fast Food Song’ ? McDonalds / KFC / Pizza Hut 

4. What kind of ‘shuffle’ is associated with ‘The Goonies?’ 

A: Truffle 

5. Which social network is mainly aimed at business networking? A: Linked In 

6. The A9 & M9 meet at which roundabout in Dunblane? 

A: The Kier Roundabout 

7. Which Glasgow soap features characters Lennie & Lydia? 

A: River City 

8. In a waltzhow many beats are in one bar of music? 

A: 3 

9. Which river flows through Paris? 

A: Seine 

10. Which ‘H’ is a traditional post-wedding holiday? 

A: Honeymoon


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