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Money Minute Tuesday 22nd March 2022

Today's contestant was Kirsten Pritchard from Head of Muir who scored 6 out of 10!

  1. What was the nickname of Spice Girl Mel C? A: Sporty Spice
  2. What kind of nut would find in a yellow packet of M&Ms? A: Peanut
  3. What’s the tallest animal in the world? A: Giraffe
  4. What colour is the cross on a Danish flag? A: White
  5. Which type of angle is less than 90 degrees? A: Acute
  6. In construction, what does the ‘M’ in ‘MDF’ stand for? A: Medium
  7. In the phonetic alphabet, how would you say the letter X? A: X-RAY
  8. Which seaside resort has a famous wooden roller coaster called ‘The Grand National’? A: Blackpool
  9. Bluefin and Skipjack are both what types of fish? A: Tuna 
  10. Stirling lost out on the City of Culture 2025 bid, name any of the 4 shortlisted cities: A: Bradford / County Durham / Southampton / Wrexham

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