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Money Minute - Tuesday 23rd August 2022

CONTESTANT: Graham Kelly, Plean scored a very good 7 out of 10!

  1. In ‘Where’s Wally’ – what colour are Wally’s trousers?
    A: Blue

  2. On the clockface, what is directly opposite 3 o clock?
    A: 9 o clock

  3. ‘Wannabe’ was the first UK number for which group?
    A: Spice Girls

  4. Which ‘W’ is a textile fibre usually taken from sheep, goats and other mammals?
    A: Wool

  5. According to Timothy, what is the root of all evil?
    A: Money

  6. Which UK comedian writes the series ‘Black Mirror’ ?
    A: Charlie Brooker

  7. Sir Mick Jagger was filmed enjoying which band at Wembley at the weekend?
    A: Coldplay (playing Hampden tonight/tomorrow)

  8. Which Trossachs peak is highest: Ben A’an or Ben Ledi?
    A: Ben Ledi (2,884ft!)

  9. ‘Postum’ was a popular substitute for which hot beverage?
    A: Coffee

  10. Who gave the Gettysburg address?
    A: (Abraham) Lincoln

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