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Money Minute - Tuesday 26th July 2022

CONTESTANT: Ben King, Alloa scored 6!


  1. Complete the children’s book series title: Diary of a Wimpy…. What?
    A: Kid

  2. What’s 100 minus 78?
    A: 22

  3. Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson & Lesley Joseph starred in which sitcom?
    A: Birds of a Feather

  4. In which town does the Party @ the Palace festival take place in August?
    A: Linlithgow

  5. Which is furthest north: Orkney or Shetland?
    A: Shetland

  6. What’s the name of Andy Murray’s 5 star hotel just outside Dunblane?
    A: Cromlix (House Hotel)

  7. In 1987, where did the Proclaimers want a letter sent from?
    A: America

  8. Which number is the latest edition of Microsoft Windows?
    A: 11

  9. The disc in the centre of a Brazil flag is which colour?
    A: Blue

  10. ‘La Vuelta’ is a bicycle race held in which country?
    A: Spain

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