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Money Minute Tuesday 5th April 2022

Today's contestant was Garry Yard from Denny who scored 3 out of 8!

  1. In the 1993 movie, which comic played Mrs Doubtfire? A: Robin Williams
  2. Which sportswear brand is famous for its three stripes? A: Adidas
  3. What’s the Spanish word for goodbye? A: Adios
  4. What kind of peas make up the Indian dish ‘Dal’ ? A: Chickpeas
  5. In the Christian bible, who betrayed Jesus? A: Judas
  6. Which local rugby player married TV presenter Gabby Yorath? A: Kenny Logan
  7. ‘Too Lost in You’ by Sugababes and ‘Jump’ by Pointer Sisters both feature in which rom com soundtrack? A: Love Actually
  8. Which ‘M’ lies between the Earth’s crust & core? A: Mantle

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