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Money Minute Tuesday 8th February 2022

Today's contestant was Gary Lacki from Falkirk who scored 6 out of 10!

Here is today's questions!

  1. Arthur's seat is in which city? A: Edinburgh
  2. A Hawaiian pizza traditionally includes which fruit? A: Pineapple
  3. How many 'i's are in the word Stirling? A: 2
  4. In law what's the highest court in the UK? A: The Supreme Court
  5. Ed Sheeran's studio albums all feature symbols used in which school subject? A: Mathematics
  6. Who is the current Formula 1 world champion? A: Max Verstappen
  7. How many millimeters are in a meter? A: 1000
  8. In which London venue ill tonight's BRIT awards take place? A: The O2
  9. What is Europe's longest river? A: Volga River
  10. 'I could have danced all night' is a song featured in which musical? A: My Fair Lady

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