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Money Minute - Tuesday 9th August 2022

CONTESTANT: Stephen, from Falkirk for 5 out of 9 today.

  1. Which TV comedy featured a family living in Nelson Mandela House?
    A: Only Fools and Horses (The Trotters)

  2. What is the currency of Denmark?
    A: Krone

  3. Which Disney Princess was pals with Gus & Jaq?
    A: Cinderella

  4. Gouda is a popular cheese from what country?
    A: The Netherlands

  5. What do the wheels of the bus do in the song?
    A: Go Round & Round

  6. Who are Harry Potter’s TWO best friends?
    A: Ron & Hermione

  7. Gordon Sumner is the real name of which British musician?
    A: Sting

  8. What popular series of books was written by Suzanne Collins?
    A: The Hunger Games

  9. Which former Doctor Who actor played a villain in the Netflix Marvel series Jessica Jones?
    A: David Tennant

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