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Money Minute - Tuesday 2nd August 2022

CONTESTANT: Stacey Kennedy, Dunipace scored 7

  1. What type of animal is cartoon character Garfield?
    A: Cat

  2. Which traditional children’s rhyme… was actually about the PLAGUE?:
    A: Ring O Roses

  3. Which Scottish football team play at Fir Park?
    A: Motherwell

  4. What type of crackers would normally be eaten with Chinese food?
    A: Prawn Crackers

  5. Who had an ‘X-Factor’ debut hit with her cover of ‘Hallelujah’ ?
    A: Alexandra Burke

  6. In science: potential, kinetic and chemical are all types of what?
    A: Energy

  7. Local medal hero Duncan Scott takes part in which sport?
    A: Swimming

  8. The San Andreas fault lies in which US state?
    A: California

  9. A ‘Timpani’ is what type of instrument?
    A: Drum

  10. What sport takes place in Hong Kong’s ‘Happy Valley’ ?
    A: Horse Racing

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