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Money Minute - Tuesday 30th August 2022

CONTESTANT: Drew Mill from Stirling (but was in Aviemore!) scored 5

  1. What’s the square root of 16?
    A: 4

  2. What social media app has a logo featuring a ghost?
    A: Snapchat

  3. Which Spanish island is nicknamed ‘the white isle’ ?
    A: Ibiza

  4. ‘Femme Fatale’ and ‘Circus’ are both albums released by who?
    A: Britney Spears

  5. John Kettley was famous for presenting what?
    A: The Weather

  6. Cornell Tech and Rockefellers University are both in which major city?
    A: New York

  7. Which tennis player won his 9th French Open in 10 years in 2014?
    A: Rafael Nadal

  8. On which musical instrument would you play a ‘flam’ ?
    A: Drums

  9. On which hill does the Wallace Monument stand on?
    A: Abbey Craig

  10. Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto both portrayed which space character?
    A: Spock

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