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Money Minute - Tuesday 3rd May 2022

Jack McDonald from Stenhousemuir scored a respectable 6/10!

  1. In UK Monopoly how much do you get if you pass go?
    A: £200
  2. The Kincardine Bridge crosses which river?
    A: Forth
  3. Name any of the colours that appear on a rubix cube?
  4. How many days of the week start with the letter ‘T’ ?
    A: Two (Tuesday / Thursday)
  5. Which Scottish airport is furthest west: Glasgow or Prestwick?
    A: Prestwick
  6. ‘Back for Good’ by Take That got to number one in which 90s year?
    A: 1995
  7. In the UK, what’s the current standard rate of VAT?
    A: 20%
  8. Brendan O’Carroll plays which Irish TV mammy?
    A: Mrs (Agnes) Brown (Mrs Brown’s Boys)
  9. What does the “D” in Washington D.C. stand for?
    A: District
  10. Which national rugby union side wears a cockerel on its shirt?
    A: France


Do you have what it takes to beat the money minute? Click the link below to register for your chance to play!



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