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Money Minute - Wednesday 13th July 2022

CONTESTANT: Kelly Kinross from Bannockburn scored 8! 


  1. Name any of the Olympic ring colours?
    A: Red / Black/ Blue / Yellow / Green

  2. Which men’s name is also a name for a baby kangaroo?
    A: Joey

  3. Which golfer spent a record 683 weeks as world number one?
    A: Tiger Woods

  4. In what shape would you find a ‘hypotenuse’ ?
    A: Triangle (a right angled one! Pythagoras’ Theorem!)

  5. Which Northern European country is known as the ‘Land of a Thousand Lakes’
    A: Finland (even though there’s over 180,000 of them!!!)

  6. Which Barbadian singer recently became America’s youngest self-made billionaire?
    A: Rihanna

  7. In France, what does a ‘Pompier’ do?
    A: Fireman / woman (pompiére)

  8. Which comedian plays Alan Partridge?
    A: Steve Coogan

  9. The River Liffey flows through which capital city?
    A: Dublin

  10. Dreams is a song from which iconic Fleetwood Mac album?
    A: Rumours


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