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Money Minute Wednesday 9th February 2022

Today's contestant was Michelle Brodie from Falkirk who scored 5 out of 10!

Here is today's questions!

  1. Name either dog breed involved in a ‘Labradoodle’ ? A: Labrador / Poodle
  2. Which ‘D’ is an area you can walk around on a ship? A: Deck
  3. Name either ‘house’ that makes up the UK parliament? A: Commons or Lords
  4. How many vowels are in the word ‘Wednesday’A: 3
  5. Lee, Jimmy & Spike made up which boyband? A: 911
  6. Which chess piece can only move diagonally? A: Bishop
  7. How many Brit Awards did Adele win last night? A: 3
  8. In which city is the sculpture of the Little Mermaid? A: Copenhagen
  9. Eureka and Sorrento are types of which citrus fruit? A: Lemon
  10. Falkirk beat Alloa 3-0 last night but did the goals come in the first or second half? A: 2nd Half

Do you have what it takes to beat the money minute? Click the link below to register for your chance to play!



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