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Money Minute - Wednesday 31st August 2022

CONTESTANT: Scott McElroy from Carron scored EIGHT!


  1. What day is in 2 days?
    A: Friday

  2. A Bloody Mary is made with which juice?
    A: Tomato

  3. Which ‘Friends’ character is known for saying, “How You Doin’??”
    A: Joey

  4. Who normally lives at ELEVEN Downing Street?
    A: The Chancellor

  5. Which animal represents the deadly sin of Envy?
    A: Snake

  6. Which motorway goes across the Queensferry Crossing?
    A: M90

  7. Who is the current host of Question Time?
    A: Fiona Bruce

  8. In the 80s, Talking Heads were on the Road to … where?
    A: Nowhere

  9. Ascot Racecourse is in which English county?
    A: Berkshire

  10. Leonardo Da Vinci painted the roof of which chapel?
    A: Sistine



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