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Money Minute - Wednesday 20th July - WINNER!

CONTESTANT: Donald McPhail from Bo'ness

  1. With regards the sun, what does ‘UV’ stand for?
    A: Ultraviolet

  2. What’s the capital of Denmark?
    A: Copenhagen

  3. What do we normally experience first: thunder or lightning?
    A: Lightning

  4. What’s 5 x 7?
    A: 35

  5. Simon Le Bon fronts which Birmingham pop group?
    A: Duran Duran

  6. Which compound is also known as CO2?
    A: Carbon Dioxide

  7. Which English football team are nicknamed the ‘Canaries’
    A: Norwich

  8. It was Scotland’s hottest ever day yesterday, but what was the provisional highest temperature?
    A: 34.8 degrees (Cecius)

  9. ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ was a 2004 hit for which Kelly?
    A: Clarkson

  10. French, Melba and Burnt are all varieties of what?
    A: Toast

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