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Money Minute - Wednesday 24th August 2022

CONTESTANT: Alistair Munro from Sauchie scored 5

  1. Sumo wrestling originated in which country?
    A: Japan

  2. Name any other council area that has a land border with Falkirk Council?
    A: Stirling / West Lothian / North Lanarkshire

  3. Which ‘s’ is somewhere a hairdresser would work?
    A: Salon

  4. How many sides does a 20p coin have?
    A: 7

  5. What’s the closest planet to the sun?
    A: Mercury

  6. Which Canadian singer released the 1996 album, “Falling into You” ?
    A: Celine Dion

  7. How many players are normally in a volleyball team?
    A: Six

  8. ‘House of the Dragon’ is a prequel to which successful TV series?
    A: Game of Thrones

  9. Peter Rabbit is a character created by which author?
    A: Beatrix Potter

  10. Which day of the week does Prime Minister’s Questions normally take place?
    A: Wednesday


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